Why do soldier toons need topo maps all the sudden


this is killing my game the maps i had for my leaders are gone after level up because of soldier toons getting leveled now i need maps for both can someone fix this please and give us the old gear map so we can stock back up please and thank you


i have messaged cs about this issue 5 times and have gotten lori stash auto message back 5 times does anyone in cs actually read what we send them


Nope. Not even a little.


Did they at least get your name right? I sent 4 messages and got called 4 different names… none of which were correct


Ok, here is what Soldiers take 4 & 5☆:

Now, here are some Soldiers that I have moving up:

T1 - T2

T2 - T3

T3 - T4

I see absolutely no Topo Maps required for any of those 5☆ Soldiers posted.

You will definitely need to provide some images for the Devs to look into this, this of course is just my opinion.

Good Luck

Edit, just a FYI, I just took those pictures from my roster.



ok there is a screenshot


thats just one its been happening all last level up at least .Yes they never get my name right either. just sick of having a real problem and gettin a auto message that does not help


Clearly they’re lost


WOAH, that’s some shady stuff right there. What platform are you playing on??


Hey Devs, what’s up with this??
@Shawn.Scopely any input would be appreciated. Or if you can redirect to who could investigate it. Thanks


If it’s someone other than Christa or Omid, please highlight which character.

If it’s one of those two, already was noticed and fix should be rolling out for them


Thanks for replying @Agrajag
I didn’t have the issue, but @tallntastee does.


just wanted to say thank you its fixed now


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