Why do scoply need to do maintenance at this point

From my point of view I think the reasons are :
1- update TOS so no one will ask for refund
2- hide evidence from Google and Apple ,
3- making game better : but I think they don’t give a f### as long as they make money from a broken game why would they fix it . (The way scopley see it . The game is fine cause they make money )

By the way @JB.Scopely why don’t you talk to the team about fixing tapjoy videos. I didn’t watch any video for months now . And why don’t you remove the f### limits of 50 videos .
150 coins/day is way too low. While the value of items in store are very expensive with odds like :poop:


Every game has to service their servers. Tapjoy sets the video limit not scopely

If this is true
Scopley agreed to give something to tapjoy that it shouldn’t agreed to. Thanks to scopley Some of our data are in tapjoy databases bro .
And ofcourse scopley updated theirs tos and we all agreed to this brutal condition.

There are many other companies that can be better than tapjoy for both scopley and players .

There isn’t that many companies that run offers like tapjoy. Plus pretty much any information you give comes from you and tapjoy terms of service.

Do you work for tapjoy, or scopley?

I can watch only 30 per day.