Why do people still play this game?

Like what’s the point of it all ?


I play cause it’s fun and I meet new people who like game.It’s a freezing Blizzard outside so naw not going out there right now for people unless I become a snowman :slight_smile:


There isnt one you should quit playing dude

I mean I could quit but what makes you play this game dude ?

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I play because i still enjoy team building and war. I also like meeting people from all over. When the game doesnt intrest me i just log in, use salvage tokens to add survivors to tg and log off. Its not a job no one forces anyone to play.


I recently left my long time faction, I needed a break.

My heart is not in this game at all anymore, as the leader why fake it?

Lead 29 other people on a never ending cycle of shit events with dumpster fire rewards, everything now is pay as you go and I can’t ask people to open their wallets if I won’t open mine.

Want to compete? Spend.

There is no competition other than who has more room on the credit card.
6* could have been an equalizing factor if everyone had access to the same toons at the same pace. “We will never sell a 6* toon” ~ Chief Pancake Eater Dash , he actually said that when the idea of six star toons was brought up.

Now they have mods, they could have helped the FTP players a bit too… oh wait… you can buy a 10 pack of gold mods now.

The game is not fun, the devs are lazy and the management is greedy. The community managers do their best with what they are told.

Get gear to the people
Stop the constant barrage of micro transactions
Fix Territories
Fix matchmaking
Get gear to the people
Stop lying
And for the love of canned tuna get us the ■■■■■■■ gear we need to T4 our backlog of 6* toons.


Shame none of this will happen dude but very good points made

I’m still here because of the friends I have made and what @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely are going to mess up next.


I agree with you there that chat more s**t than what the weather man or women does!

Pretty harsh to blame the CM’s for the failings of an arm of their company they have no control over. Ever heard of not shooting the messenger?

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No and it doesn’t matter JB said Morfeo is legit he sucks now

We paid too much money to quit


Well there in the company and I am talking about the whole company in general and those are the only one to tag so that is why I did it

They are the face of the company and I guess it comes with the job. I bet it is in any CM job specification that they “should be able to withstand constant criticism”. I know they don’t make any decisions and are just gofers but, similar to any phone customer service staff, they will be blamed for everything.

I don’t deny that JB and GR should accept a level of the criticism, but they aren’t personally causing the f*ck ups, which is how Samuel1 phrased it:

This implies they have directly caused the “mess up” which is not fair, unless you believe they are the only two people doing any work at Scopley…

Of course its not them, however, unless scopley asks the devs to co.e here and explain themselves, JB will get it in the neck. He’s not really here anyway now so it’s no like he’s going to be affected by it lol

No way people do work at scopely imagine that ?

I don’t ask myself this question anymore because I find myself dedicating lesser time to this hot pile of trash of a game lately.

Are CMs solely to blame for this? Absolutely no.

Are CMs to blame, to some extent, for the exit of players or the state of game now? Maybe. Who knows. I remember some of kalishane’s posts clearly showed she didn’t know what she was talking about or if she knew the game at all so god knows if our feedback was communicated correctly to the team.

Can the same be said with JB/GB? Again, who knows. It’s reached a point where there are far better things to ruminate about than a company who continues to disrespect its players :man_shrugging:


Triggered / flagged

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The CM’s clearly have a long list of what they can and can’t say. Why is every CM quick to respond to slightly off-topic or jokey threads, but when it comes to serious stuff or bugs they either “take it to the team” or ignore it completely. I think the way all the CMs act, they just aren’t fed the whole truth or any decent information and this translates into an apparent lack of knowledge or incompetence when in reality, they are either ignorant (due to being kept in the dark) or silenced by their employer