Why do people raid?

Raiding has been a core part of this game since it started. It has not changed nor evolved with the game.you still raid others and bots or copies of players as game makers call it to gain reputation and resources.

The bots yield extremely low resources. A lot of players either have low resources them selves or in the ghost phase so to speak. So not much point in raiding for resources right?

You raid for reputation which gives you bragging rights. Awesome! That’s all I have on this topic. There is no other reason to have reputation.

So why raid? People keep saying the game is dyeing. A recent survey even asked about the game is dying which I find extremely funny. My car company never asked me if I thought their cars where junk why does scopee.

Change the raid system! Give more resource without the additional penalty to defending players!

Bring in tear based reward bonuses for raids. Gold players get extra 50,000 food and wood per raid no questions asked and it does not come off of the deafened.

Remove ghosting and limit shields. If your not loosing resources all you have to loose is reputation. And if your into the game then you will be game for it…

Reset to tear levels every so often with rewards. You make top place you get top rewards then get back at it. Every since event is based off of this concept.

I have given ideas how to change raids to get more people active. I have given ideas how to make wars more active. Other players may hate the idea but at least it’s an idea to get things moving again.

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Only raid during faction raids, used to raid for rep to indicate im active

But region is old and rep is high, no incentive now


in our region people have stopped ghosting because they are running out of crafting materials the tiny bits and bops.This hasn’t really changed our reps much and I raid because I enjoy figuring out weaknesses to Whales Defenses Figuring out a good raid defense team is fun too for myself.I have never done it for rep.So i’m fine with them taking away ghosting most of us top people won’t care I’m sure.

Ghosting happens because the scoring system is broken. Once you’re at the top there is no way to keep up with how much you would lose if you didn’t ghost because how dumb is it that someone can lose to you 4 times in a row then beat you on the fifth attempt and still walk away with a point?

Win get 25 pts no matter the rank and lose 25 when you fail. It’s not like you can search for easy targets. Then I’m fine with removing ghosting.

They really should do a top 100 weekly reward though. It would make people give a crap about rank. I no longer raid unless it’s during a tournament as there is no point to doing so.


I only raid during tournaments. I stopped regular raiding over a year ago. I used to only avenge but I stopped that a few months ago. INHO reps are worthless and resource gains just aren’t worth it.

Considering there are both reps and ranks, I’ve always thought that if one were reset weekly or monthly with some sort of reward system, it may be worth it.

This is true. Just like in wars the points system does not take into account ranking or difficulty.

A bot always has lower rep then you but is made up of a higher ranking players team .

More time spent refining old systems would in my eyes bring more business then constantly pushing new content. Wars, raids, and rewards. Balance them out and give new players a reason to try. Or keep rolling out new stuff and players struggle to keep up until just say f it.

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