Why do I get two tokens in my second account but none in my everyday account

I get two every day but not one in other account the account I get them In is my back up just in case deal so what do you think it’s a bug or what?

I haven’t even seen those yet.

Yeah most of the community isnt getting those at all so just be happy with what you got


What only in selective regions again? Come on…

Yeah i have am account in like 6 regions. And nothing

Crap that would be nice!

It is strange how they treat all the regions differently.

Why does it really matter though? Most of the time they are just 3* toons. Have you gotten anything good out of them yet? Any 5*?

Ive gotten a few 5* s its supeeerrr rare but you have a better chance if your getting them all the time for free. I guess some regions are more “dedicated”

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Which is new quality of this game, first there were players, now regions. It seems it is upgrading “dedicated” meaning.

Get’s you closer to the guaranteed 5* in 40 pulls.


Yes I got 3 5s with them and a crap load of 4s

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