Why do FA bosses resist Bleed/Burn?

I don’t understand why the FA bosses have such a huge resistance to Bleed and Burn effects. I mean…its just damage. These effects don’t cripple the boss like trouble and stun would do. It only nerfs burning and bleeding characters such as Yumiko or Barker: these effects are part of these characters damage output, they don’t do anything unbalanced to the bosses…

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It’s because they can stack. Especially with hemmorage characters. That would be a little op.

Bleed resistance is likely because of hemorrhage. They scaling would make huge damage by end. I suspect burn is the same code as bleed just with if hp <0 move to text target


Because Negan is Iron Man.

Edit: His lieutenants are just him in different Fleshsuits.


No. Burn damage doesnt…but could you imagine if you ran a three barker team where every rush would guarantee stack? Barkers would be doing shit tons of damage to rverything else pwr turn once they start popping.

But hemo doesn’t stack either. It doesn’t seem to be an issue anywhere else in the game.

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I had t4 Negan up to 3150 hemorrhage per turn before one of the components cured it

More that I’d get stronger over time more so than stacking. Is it not defined as bleed (or bleed recover fixes it?)

Sorry mostly conjecture I’m making some assumptions that may or may not be accurate

It just increased by turn, that’s the issue.

Burn does stack but it doesn’t show it the same as bleed. I have red romanov and yumiko and all that happens is that the burn goes off twice on the same toon.
Example : bleed 400+400=800 bleed
Example : burn 400 from yumiko go off then burn from romanvo go off at once.
Dont know if its a bug or not but at the end 800 health is still taken away by the combine burn effects to the target.

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Yeah, I just mean that bleed and hemo doesn’t seem to be really related to each other. I didn’t word my first response very well but I’m agreeing with you that it seems weird that bosses resist bleed and burn. Hemo makes sense because of all the damage but not really bleed and burn.

Haemorrhage is classed as a different skill by the boss anyway and has its own reststance so not sure why bleed is resisted