Why do certain words get automatically hidden?

This is so dumb and frustrating!

“Multiple flags by community members” my eye

Sounds like an opportunist bot designed by a fearful …

I think you mean it’s ####### frustrating.

I’ll PM you - please keep in mind that discussions of moderation is against the Forum Guidelines. Normally I’d defer all discussion of moderation to the Scopely employees, but it’s been a busy week. Also keep in mind that nothing I say is ‘official’ - I just do my best.


Yes, that’s what I meant but u could’ve used the real word instead of the ####. For some reason that doesn’t trigger an automatic response


Naughty @LadyGeek

Is Cap the one bravely keeping our forum safe?

Except instead of dirty looks he’d be knocking people out.

If Cap doesn’t need naughty words, nobody should need naughty words.

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It actually gets blocked completely, and changed into boxes, though. I just did hashtags because they’re easier to type.


How many posts are you going to make about this?!

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