Why different Jiangshi

Is different between solo Jiangshi and contributed to faction
Should be the same?

Tap the contribution button for the faction info to get updated.

But faction is higher

Of course it is higher… it’s the faction total, is it not?

My faction contribution is higher then my solo

I think they mean that their own contribution to the faction total is higher than their solo mission count.

For example, I have 2,423 walkers killed on my solo mission, but my contribution to the faction mission is 3,256.

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Exactly that

I believe this happened while the “Mesh 100000 / HTTP 504” errors were occurring.

Woah, I never verified it to this sort of detail.

Really, with this game we have to assume nothing expect everything… sigh

I did not kill 1000 walkers during server brake down

Exactly. You killed much less, but I believe that it was during that period that the contribution number started growing exponentially for some reason.

When I checked my faction contribution, I noticed that it was way too high for the number of walkers I had killed until then (the event had only started a couple of hours before). So I completed a Survival Road stage which had 17 walkers, and when I checked my contribution again it had increased by more than 100.

Edit: When I saw this information on the Support page, I was hoping that the numbers would have been back to normal, but so far they haven’t.

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