Why did you nerf top10 rewards?


Before 6* era, usual tournament rewards (lvl up and raid) were like this:

  • Top1: Toon 5* (better when it was an old premium)
  • Top2: Toon 5* (old premium already rewarded)
  • Top10: Toon 5* (sometimes garbage, but could also be good 5*)

This way, all committed players were able to have a new toon for each tournament top10. So why in a meta where 5* toons are almost all garbage, rewards are now worst? Only half of a 5* for top10, are you serious?

Giving lots of Lilith/Ulysses is great, but what is the point if we don’t have any new toon?

You should at least create “ascendable only” wheel tokens if you don’t wan’t to give directly ascendable 5*…


This is so long ago, why keep bringing up the past?


I think they did this to create a variety of characters per faction. Back then we saw a lot of exactly the same teams (now again). The other reason is lack of time. With the ascendable 5* chars its basically double the work. The 5* and 6* are totally different


Where is the double work if they give existing toons like before?


No, before the 1st war prize was often an exclusive, even 2nd sometimes. I still have some chars that came on the wheel really late or maybe not at all. Like yellow mirabelle 5* with the gas mask.


They have stop giving special toons to top rank long long time ago

Not just before the six stars launch yet much earlier

Now they give token is much better than before
Those people team up to exploited for special toons

Now at least we can see no one try to play dirty as much as before yet really compete with effort


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