Why did you nerf Eugene?

Like why? He was already garbage to begin with.


They increased his stats so had to decrease his hit. All evens out


No that was just before the buff… They didn’t do that to Joshua, Rick or Glenn.

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It’s definitely a strange move. He’s got an almost objectively worse rush than Vincent now.

Wait till you see what they do to the governor


I went from probably not gonna ascend him to definitely not

You know they will and that is if they ever do release him. Someone over there is trolling us hard. Almost willing to bet that he will be the last from the list to make an appearance.

They see the demand for him here. They know ranged f2p players are desperate for him and they give us trash Eugene that was only awarded as a tournament prize. So most people don’t even have him and can’t get him f2p now.

Hes subject to opinion I think he’s meh but others don’t like him he’s. Good for atk but that’s because execution I mean if winter zeke was given in a token thick guy would be shit because winter zke is awesome because he hits hard and has executing and is 2 turnkey problem is he got locked behind a paywall called premier so Eugene is meh because winter zeke got locked behind a pay wall really