Why did they slow down 3x speed?

3× speed was faster, but they slowed it down. I know this because I was able to farm faster. At first I thought I just got used to it, but no it was faster. In my opinion they made a good change for once, and then must have decided they were being too nice to us, so changed the change.


I had noticed it too I actually change the speed thinking that I had changed it by accident but I too was wondering if I wasn’t just getting used to it

Ikr like wtf now speed goes like… 1x - slower, 2x - slow, 3x- slightly faster then normal…

I just ran a stage… I think the op is right. Seems significantly slower. Especially when the toons fire an AR…

I noticed this too. Thought it was me going crazy. @kalishane

Noticed it also

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Omg we should not have this conversation without real data. :see_no_evil:


Same. I was thinking my brain was tricking me. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

Just tried it out, 1x, 2x and 3x are significantly slower than they used to be

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I agree with you. I think people have adjusted to the 3x speed and are forgetting how slow it used to be. Could be wrong. Would be nice if a dev would let us know for sure on Monday though.

@CombatDevIl @CombatMan Not sure if this is your area but it is in combat so…

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Only reason I really believe it’s slowed is because they’ve reduced the speed increase before.
Older players who were in beta when they increased the speed for the first time, I think it was the update just before armory, the speed was as fast as it is now at x2, but when the update went live the speed was reduced because older phones could not handle it.

I got to say that I too have notice 3x speed to have slowed down. When doing walker stages before they would walk very fast on their turn but now they would walk as if I set the speed to 2x.

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They slowed it down, very noticeable
@CombatMan @CombatDevIl can you please weigh in?

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Not nearly as easily to farm once again. Using your 81 energy is once again very much a chore.

3x Needs to not only go back to what it was when first launched, it even needs a faster pace.

Farming is a big thing in this game with 2 problems preventing players from doing it:

  1. spending on world cans
  2. Time

Take out the time dimension and scopely will surely see more spendings on world refills

@CombatDevIl, make it happen man

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@kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan

Can we have a response please? Thanks!

So what your saying is we need this…100x :grin:


Yes. They did not slow it down. Farming takes exactly the same time as before and towers are taken in the same time as before. Just because you see it slower doesn’t mean that it is slower. Get woke mane.

It seems slower farming than on the raids…



Not convinced it’s slower either but you didn’t have to be so insulting.

Would be nice to get an answer from a dev to put this to rest. Faster replies to simple questions like these would go a long way Scopes.