Why did the milestones increase again for 24 hr raid tournament?


The last 24 hour solo raid tournament, the top milestone was 2100, which the general consensus in the forums seemed to be happy with. Why would it be increased back to 4200 for the same milestones we would get in a 2.5 day event? I could see only maybe 3-5 people in my region hitting the top milestone in this time period which is disheartening when it already is a drag having to face the same teams over and over.


Because people didn’t spend enough for cans during the one your refer to?

To be honest, I don’t actually believe that is the case. But that is the outward impression they’ll give, especially when some sort of raid can offer drops. Hardly a player first attitude…


They should have maintained 2100 milestone for 24 hr raids. I have feeling faction level up would be the same with 2million milestone for 24 hr event


Thank you for adding those screenshots


with it being a 24 hour raid event during ~“school/work” time for most then they are setting themselves up to fail. yes some wont work or go out and easily do 30+ raid cans in 1 sitting but others just wont even attempt it because its so much so little time.

i spent for SR event for 24 hours and didnt get ym 2nd account to completion, it just shows me not to attempt it next time even when using 3-5 cans up


Agree. Similar issue with 24 hour SR. Made it to elite but purchased refills to get there then did enough to stay in top 100, won’t attempt again. Will go on natural e and get as far as I can and do something else. Will. Never buy cans again for any 24 hour event.


But back on topic, don’t get why milestones were doubled again. It would seem to do more harm then good. If I didn’t have a decent amount of raid cans already, this event would be skippable, but many Ppl still.need gear or Vincent so trying to gather as many of these wood nuggets as possible. This basically puts us in a lose lose situation.


Well we all had a decent amount of world cans till recent too, then guess what happened…


As with the 24 hour Survival Road. My goal is to simply get top 100


The only time I will burn cans for milestones for a 24 hour raid event is when it’s the halved size milestones. Otherwise it’s natural e for me


Yeah definitely the best way to go now


Because guaranteed at least a dozen people in every region will drop the necessary tanks to hit all the milestones and some of them might even spend for some cans.

It’s beating a dead horse but until we the players stop accepting crap and going all out on every single event things will never get better.




Because scopely


Scopely, let’s stop right here. Seriously, stop.


Cause they are baiting to see how much people want that Benny to use for fodder.

Expect to see this till everyone just FTS!

Have you guys here considered playing a different time waster yet?


You’ll need to burn at least 20 cans for Benny, 200 or so raids. Lot of effort considering he is now in the Supply Depot for 14,500! Unless the placement rewards are worth it I’ll just aim for the top 100.


The rank rewards are pretty horrible as well.