Why did scopley nerf blue tys?

Not sure about your ty but my tys used to hit a lot harder and now all of a sudden they aren’t doing near as much damage when I’m attacking. Think it’s scopleys way of forcing us to spend


Hard to say but over time, players probably got better mods. And the new six stars have higher stats. So yea, all toons are hitting for less damage.


Or other toons have gotten higher stats, different set ups and weapons and better mods


It’s not mods weapons or new toons I’m talking about the same old teams nothing new.

How do you know they haven’t changed their mods around? Maybe they added a defense against blue mod?

If ty isn’t hitting hard enough i suggest using a debuff like Jeremiah to make tys ar more efficient. Mods is also a big factor.


It’s called looking before you hit them lol

You have al the mods memorized on every team you face?


Exactly what bane said. Players switch mods around all the time. Or you can just believe scopely lowered Ty’s stats. Which everyone makes more sense.

You can do this really easily smh take a video of attacking a person then compairing it to hitting the same person you just have to look at each one of the toons atthe start of the match

When scopley neefs toons this is a very easy way to see how much damage they used to do and what they now do

I just fought the same person three times in succession in Onslaught. Each fight was different even though I started each one the same way. No-one had time to change mods or weapons etc. How do you explain that then?

You can do an average on the amount of damage each hit does this isn’t a perfect Science but it’s enough to tell whether or not a toon has been nerfed or not

You know there’s thing like crit… and mods don’t active all the time right?


Tbh they didnt nerf him its just these defense teams are really overpowered

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So do you have this evidence which is so easy to come by?

Genuinely curious.

Have had the same issue myself

If he’d been truly nerfed, it would be easy to tell based on his old card and whats showing up now when you look at your toon.
Whether there is a critical hit or if certain mods proc is all up to rng.

If you actually do this, you have waaay to much free time smh.

It’s because everyone uses Eric now and he’s a tanky piece of shit that you can’t get a trait advantage on with Ty.

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