Why did only 1 of my accounts get 30x2 tokens


Just wondering why my main account only got 30 tokens but my crappy second account got x2 in my inbox? Is this normal or will I get the second 30 soon?


Same here, odd


My crappy one got 30x2 but my main that actually collected cakes got nothing!


So then it’s not normal. Just wondering, I collected the 30 on my main earlier in the day, but the crappy one didn’t have anything till hours later. Was that the same for you guys?


Yes same exactly


Sux, I’m 11 short in my main for second pull.


Really? I’m 11 short as well! Them bastards suck it would be my first try for me though. The 30x2 gave my crappy account Richard, first try.


I heard some people got 2x rewards and some people got 1x, would be nice if we all had 2x rewards like the people who did, that’s at least 30-60 tokens!


Consider yourself lucky they send my rewards to the region I transferred from and still no response from the mighty support


Double Token Gate. People in my region and faction are saying the same. Also my alt account got 30 and 30.


#doubletokengate @JB.Scopely this isnt fair for all Players with only one reward.:smirk:


I got 45 in my main region & 2 30 in my other region… I’m confused on why too


@JB.Scopely it’s not fair to all regions for some to get 2 rewards while others only got 1


I only had 20 chips while all my college had more


Still waiting on mine… while most of my faction have received theirs :frowning:


@JB.Scopely I got 45 on my main account and 30 30 30 on my alt in the same region!!! I’m dont want to complain since I pulled a romanov buuuut it is kind of unfair my alt got double than my main for barely doing any milestones…


I still haven’t received my tokens, and support hasn’t replied to me. Was supposed to get 30 tokens, but nothing all day (almost 6pm here) rest of region has gotten theirs (Walton)

My bet, is Scopley sent my tokens to my old region, like they did with @Jane90 which, I have no access to this region anymore, as it doesn’t appear on the region list at all. Fix this please @JB.Scopely (well, pass it onto the team of course)


Even if i had access to old region I won’t be spending coins and 20 days on transfer cool down just because scopely screwed up @JB.Scopely please fix this asap or atleast acknowledge our problem !!


Yeah no, same here. Stupid it is.


I spend roughly 900 gold on buying cake crates so i could finish in top 1000, now you tell me that people who got 30 Actually got 60? What a fucking joke…