Why close my MIA wheel issue thread

Was still waiting answers.
But sure is that how we treat customers.

You got compensated 20 cakes. You’re welcome.


best i can do is $10 on your issue

If your thread didnt have anyone respond in 2 days it automatically closes.

It was closed by the forum admin. The last post was just a few hours ago.


Closing the thread was your answer


Yes that they refuse to answer and hope the questions can be hided under the sink
Now 20 days since they say the check with team.
Team have to be slowest on this planet

Today 21 days 3 weeks since @JB.Scopely acclaimed he will talk with team.
Still waiting

The fake team is on line man full of bugs

The talk with the team took place, and compensation was sent out. There’s nothing else that will be done. The thread was closed because it’s over.


Support says that they still looking the thing over and i want to know what team said… so no it aint over

You really think support knows what’s going on?

Ofc they dont. But they answer me that they still looking over the issue.

Yeah so take that with a grain of salt. They’ve already given compensation to those they seemed fit their criteria. There is no looking it over still.

We got some extra cake but no explanation why or why that much.

Yes they should have made a statement. That’s not what I’m debating.

Thats the only thing i dabate

@TayTron the support team may need an update as to this event.

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You were debating with me whether support knew what’s going on

nope with the gamesupport itself. not with you