Why Clem’s story will be opus of walking dead


I want to start off saying I don’t expect much from walking dead.
That being said mayb the franchise is bloated and lacks the harsh focus that scares most of us to value relationships.
I watched both seasons of walking dead -and fear not satisfied no issue with Jeffery dean btw.
I just felt the rest of everyone lacked character depth mayb a few felt compelled but war always felt hollow .
like forced . The strong drives and compulsive forces
Are there as much.

Brings me to my point my swan song will be Clem’s she is the best of this genre. Haunted ,fated remarkable player, survived ,bested and beat most. I actually think she won already , give me the end game I want a fully customizable final tier Clem . Every trait
Just saying




The TV series has become…bad in a lot of ways.

Needs direction…needs to focus on what people loved about it.
Not into horrors but it needs more fear.
There’s also seems to be a lot of bad decisions and out of character ones.

It needs to be more comic-y…tbh.

Hopefully they get there act together with the next arc.

Your right.
Clementine is the star of the franchise.


Latest season was disappointing. They need to keep to the themes outlined in the comics. The entire comic is about losing ones humanity in order to survive and coming back from it. I don’t think the latest arc portrayed it well as the death of Carl only pushed Rick for constant revenge and didn’t well articulate ricks decision making and revolution of needing to let negan live. Seemed to be a… Gotta get past this arc, more so than properly following the spirit of the comics.


Even fear had a chance but they killed off the wrong characters . Travis they should have kept . Nick honestly was a wanker after about season 1 and a half . Now they are gutting the parts that don’t make sense and your like well who’s antognist? It’s pretty clear imo that Madison is dead and the majority of this season will be about getting there. And by the way where is this lesbian community to the rescue theme come from? Seems like it’s woven in both story lines with intent to draw a different audience.


I feel like I’m the only one who’s ever wished Clem died. Preferably in season 1. lol


Yes , yes you are and it’s the story that’s the star


You’re not alone. I honestly don’t like her character.


You don’t like kids…


LOL - this x 1,000,000. All kids are zombie snacks!!!


He wanted to be written out, he’s from Europe And wanted to go home and find other adventures, tbh he probably got a better offer


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