Why change this ? New beta update

So i was farming my usual spot and began to notice something strange, I wasn’t getting a single crude bronze to drop, but was getting a ridiculous amount of water bottles.

So I did a quick check and noticed you changed the drops on each stage, now I am not against this, especially if the drops are changed to useful items, as removes some of the tedious grinding, but when water bottles get all of stage 13 with no other 2* ingredients , but useful items like bolt and bronze don’t get and are stuck in the rng i am.

This is an example of the coders ,not playing their own game and not knowing the values of individual items , is imagine this would be a simple fix before the main update so please do it


Try finding a good spot for wrinkled shirts now. The bottleneck has gotten tighter.

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Idk do you get more per energy now just at a different stage? If so it’s a win long term with a short term transition period for those paying attention. For those jot paying attention… Oh dear.

Don’t seem to @Wanderer this is 7.1 with double gator double drop territories, notice how you can’t get shirts anymore


Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

I don’t have it but indeed worrisome

Sorry had to edit as I was wrong , this is 13.3 double gator double drop , no bonus in drops , no additional ease for farming (still get tons of useless weapons) .

I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the only ingredient I could get would be bronze or bolt etc, 5 bronze for one run would be usefull as at least you guaranteed bronze instead of a one in 4 chance, but it clearly shows a disconnect when you make getting useful items harder to get but make useless ones easier

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Can you check some higher levels, seem to remember a while ago a dev saying they were planning a change where gear would drops would increase depending on the larger amount of world energy used.

Is this it @Agrajag @CombatMan

Can someone explain to me the importance of bronzes and cutters? I have over 500 of them each in my inventory and I’m not sure of their importance. I remember someone saying they needed it for armory inventory crafting but exactly what is it that requires aforementioned items badly?

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You need them to craft armoury weapon parts, like laser sights, silencers & open sights all require wire cutters to craft, similarly melee weapon parts all require bronze to craft.

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Ah. I’m pretty much out of my recent craft phrase. I’ve tried about 4 or 5 times for Abs Def on Michonne’s Machete but this game being so predictable kept giving me bonus defense that is affected by the enemy’s current health, even when I critted once or twice. So I’m pretty much just gonna resume letting my armory stuff collect dust.


Stage 5 has the cutters, bronze, shirts, and gloves. Looks like the new spot for farming if you want a chance for all 4.

Looks like stage 12 also has all 4.

Another change no one requested or wanted.


Nah man, your armoury should never be left dormant.

I’m currently crafting 200 rubber hand grips in one armoury & 200 rubber padding in another because I know I’ll need them in the future, I’ve got no PK or DT atm so have to use this time to craft items ill be desperate for soon.

When they’re finished I’ll start crafting hardened spikes & enclosed hilts. All success in this gamer currently comes from how much use you get from the armoury.

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Didn’t someone point out something similar in regards to character drops in certain stages?

I kind of like this change if the drops are specifically segmented. For example, stage 7-1 only gives gloves, 6-6 only gives shirts. If I want something specific, I can pick a stage to farm for it.

I feel like this has occurred suspiciously soon after a bunch of us posted areas we farmed successfully for certain items…

Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me


If this did change, just another way to sell us basic supplies we need to play the game.

No sale. Too many Tapes and Kits went to the devil in the olive apron. Most of them giving nothing but enemy HP-affected bonus def. Only exception was for Mitchell’s SMG where I got attack down on defense. Other than that, I get the lowest wanted special trait for the purpose of reminding me that playing free won’t get me anyway in this game. $camley a mean bitch.

The trick with earl is you gotta treat him mean. Call him the worst names you can think of when you start and collect your crafts.

It won’t change the outcome, but it makes you feel better (and gets you a little extra personal space when on public transport)


I’ve tried later stages, other than the addition of shirts past whatever they stopped previously, the new characters and increased survivors there is no noticeable benifits

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I have the monthly pass, but spend no more than that.

Just gotta keep grinding man, it’ll come.

Again double gator , double teritories