Why Carl so cheap? :)


why Carl so cheap? Just for 500 food?


Cause scopely considered not to give us a chance to “exploit” incredible 130sd points when he was giveaway long time ago, so they made him pack of bananas.


hahaha there is $copelly


Problem was actually people making endless new emails/google play accounts for an infinite supply of that Carl. If it was actually one Carl per player, wouldn’t have been a problem.


Since it was so long ago, as was Wendy, nobody considered to return them to basic value? I think I even sent mail twice (can’t remember) for him, but got one Carl, never met a player who managed to get more then one free Carl.


I was under the impression their data had since been made standard again. I’ll look into if something else may be suppressing that.


It isn’t big of a problem now really cause SD isn’t giving anything so useful anymore - but Carl is definitely still food, for Wendy I’m not certain cause my card went into ascension fodder 2 months ago.


That’s a ton of work for 130 supply points lol


I thought wendy was supposed to be sold for food too


Wendy was changed a few months back, Carl is still food.


500 points would still be a pain in the butt to get a mediocre 5* lol