Why can't you run a decent week of events

Only a 3 day level up until Monday evening which since hitting 3mil is pretty much the goal is little more than background.

Faction Sr for 29 hours… no opportunity for solo trophies plus need to use cans just to finish.

Then 14hrs with no event except level up (guess Sr couldn’t just keep going)

Then 24hr raid which will be the best opportunity to get solo trophies the whole week… Only other one is Sr which only gives them for rank. But for some reason no level up.

Faction level up starts and it’s the only thing for 2 days.

Finally another 29hr Sr where atleast you can get a few trophies if you place high enough but once again you’ll have to can just to finish let alone get a decent amount of trophies…

Great way to end the league season rather than the hordes and war that were previously scheduled


No promotion/demotion though.

Yeah but there’s still milestones

Oh the 800k. Understand now

Yeah :slight_smile: got 700k laid off thinking war and hordes would make it easy… now well

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