Why can't we use Six Stars on the roadmap?


I’m referring to the 15th anniversary one.


It’s great, I’m forced to use my pre 6 star team


4* are strong enough to complete it. What’s the problem?


It’s not a problem.
Just strange is all.


The description says throw back roadmaps


I think it’s supposed to be a throwback to the game pre-six stars.


I think it’s brilliant, hope they have more like this and then change up the traits, challenge your roster depth




That team would be insane back in the day.


Good thing actually - makes you rely on your other heroes you’ve been using to lvl up during tournaments.


I’ve been waiting for the ultra-whale to complain their entire roster is filled with 6*s and they cannot possibly complete this roadmap because they have no more 5*s on their roster :smiley:


Lmao I’m not an ultra whale.
Where did you get that idea?


LOL sorry! I didn’t mean you, it was just a comment. There’s got to be one out there, I’ve been waiting all day for whoever it is to post.


Yeah. But if they’re an ultra whale, I’d imagine they have at least 50+ epics leveled up.


I’m able to use mine.


noob account in Kershaw. No problems with this map lol


An ultra-whale like you described would have immediately done multiple 40 pulls just for 5*'s to level and use haha.


Yeah I used to be top 50 in raids and faction in faction #1 now I’m 196 in raids and 9th place faction :joy: it’s sad really


if i wants throw back it will give me the 5 stars i ascended from my old team


If I wanted a throw back they would disable all 6 stars and never bring them back