Why cant scopely do The characktere right?

There are several characktere who are from their Design so wrong and not like in The Comic . Mostly telltale are wrong based on their Design and Episodes of The Game ! An example is Dwight here with a dark hair colour but unbedingt The Comic his hair is blond .


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So is that your biggest problem in this game


Why did scopley make Luis (someone that doesn’t know how to use a gun) alert instead of strong with chairles as his special weapon? Make Violet who always uses a cleaver strong imstead of fast? Probably cause scopley doesn’t care enough


Continuity isnt scopes thing. 5* Kenny is missing his left eye, but 6* Kenny is missing his right.


What about the monstrosity that is Maggie’s Rifle? Is it supposed to be a G36, an AR15, and some plastic stock from eBay?


With how moronic designs are getting… cough Viktor, Romanov, Football gear tyreese…
Are you surprised they’ve gotten tons of things incorrect?


Tyreese was a football player before the outbreak wasnt he?


Lmao no.

Well, I just looked it up and he was.
Still dumb though because he never used a gun.

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I never knew he was a football player. But yeah, it’s canon in the comics that he is really bad at using guns.

Yeah that’s what I meant.
Also what bothers me is Carley being a fast character.
She never used a knife ingame that i can remember lmao

Which begs the question, what was 5* red Mirabelle before the apocalypse :thinking:



How did I not notice that?

Ps: wtf scopley?

Carley was telltale’s version of Andrea (but with a pistol) it’s like Luis all over again

Yeah or like Javier and Jesus are in telltale (not anymore telltale) TWD final season Episode „done Running“ but their not they just needed a Reading to make a free 2 Play charackter and a OP promo Jesus

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I do respect The lore Robert Kirkman created . Thats all

Well I never played season 4 so honestly idk anything about Luis.

Nobody in the S4 group except you and Aj and someone who you haven’t met yet (if that idea wasn’t scrapped) know how to use a gun

Air soft gun obviously.

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