Why can't I sort my toons by stars AND color?


I don’t know if it’s an OCD thing but it’s driving me crazy. When I click on the “sort by” button, it always seems to me like the order is totally random. If I sort by rarity, I will always get a couple 6* first, then a few 5*, then some 4* then some 5* again, then maybe more 4*…

And if I sort by attribute, it’s all effin’ random again. I can get some yellows first, then some blues and then more yellows…there’s no order.

I don’t know if you guys follow me but I’d love to know if this happens for everyone or if it’s a bug or I don’t know…cause no matter how I sort my toons it always seem like a random sorting…

I just wish I could sort them by color, and by stars at the same time.


It allocates them by 6 then 5 then 4, but will sort it between characters that are in are a team and thise that aren’t. Sinple solution, put them all in teams


I do the opposite and empty all teams so I can see what is available to me.

You can sort by color if you click “trait”


I don’t remember asking for your opinion…


This is actually quicker than putting all my toons into teams, thanks.


A rework of the roster sort is definitely a QoL improvement that needs to be documented. I agree, it would be nice to sort by both trait and color. I’d like a ‘favorites’ tag as well.


I wonder how mine would look…

  1. Allen

  2. Allen

  3. Allen

  4. Everyone else


Why cant i look up a toon then looking for it for 2 mins…


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