Why cancel the most popular event (war) for new features

We always have this problem…

War is the reason most players play! It is definitely for me the most fun event.

Why would you cancel it to release a new feature that is buggy and underwhelming!

You did this with onslaught and with SR tournys many moons ago.

You would have far less horde haters on the forum’s if hordes had been launched next weekend and replaced faction raids and SR as it is people are peeved about war being cancelled then log onto game only to be bored senseless by hordes or worse still just get stuck in a restart loop in the tutorial!

A lot of folks work alternate weekends at work and have there weekends off planned to fall over war its bound to rile people up doing this I just don’t get it you never learn scopely!

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hey I play for level ups

slut rule


War isn’t cancelled. Its been planned for next week. It was announced weeks ago.

We’ve had 3 weeks between wars happen in the past. It’s not canceled, and it was announced 2 weeks ahead of time that this week would not be war, next week is.

With the timing of the update, I think they have learned. Don’t run a key crw event 3 days after you force an update.


We know but it would of been this week if it wasn’t for this event :sob:

Again, I still think running WoC a couple days after a forced update would have been a worse choice.

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It so some spotty intern can justify there bonus by coming up with a completely unrelated gimmick. Just stick to what your customers like and stop trying to reinvent the wheel it’s simple.
Hordes and onslaught are both a boring waste of time and I can’t imagine anyone spending on them so hopefully they will both get shit canned as soon as possible

But for all the people who work every other weekend so they are off for war they have to negotiate rota changes for work which may take months as rotas are made in advance which means they might miss 3 war weekends.
They could have just launched the update a week later and cancelled our raids and sr next weekend!

I will give them credit for not cancelling war with no warning and for not updating an then running a bug filled war but it’s still not good enuff rele almost better to cancel a war than to switch the weekend it is over I guess few big spenders work on weekends so the people scopely are bothered about are not bothered lol

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This update was released one week and then forced the next.

Let’s say they ran WoC this weekend, 3/29
Next week they release the update on 4/1 and run whatever faction events 4/5 (wouldn’t be the new event, not everyone has the update yet)

The following week they force the update, but oops they need to run war again a couple days after forcing the update. 4/12

Then the first opportunity to run the new event is almost 3 weeks after releasing the update that enables it, and to boot it’s Easter weekend.

If I had a calendar in front of me and was planning events, I’d have scheduled this the same way.


Hordes does have one benefit it’s a good event for noobs! fighting in the lower league’s is rele quite fun in diamond league it’s pretty brutal tho

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The term noobs doesn’t really apply to this. People can have S9+ teams and higher and be really good at war and all that and just not raid/war much to get into a higher league.

Not exactly a “war weekend”. If it was we would have the war right now. They could take it away for a month, after every 2 weeks would that weekend still be a war weekend? There is no title for weekends.

And yet sometimes we go 3 weeks or more with no war. You can’t expect war to happen every 2 weekends. Plans change. Plus that schedule imo is boring, I wouldn’t want to war every 2 weekends, we need variety (of course Walker Hordes could have been a weekday event, it should not replace war, but keeping the same schedule every month is boring).

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Why would I try harder to expect something that can change at any time? Plans should change, again it’s boring doing the same things every 2 weekends.

he just said that noobs are in lower leagues and have easier opponents and people in diamond league have more powerful ones, and i can confirm that being in diamond you face hard teams. ive got 35k horde points and fight with people with 650k horde points. or is it the same in lower leagues?

No update drooped for hords pop up lol.

Those points are most likely just a visual bug, lower leagues get those too. I have no doubt it’s harder the higher league you are.

I am in different leagues on my different accounts bronze is much easier teams only have 2 6s rather than full 6 defences

Same thing for Gold league I believe (unless they changed it).

Its demoralizing losing everytime. On the rare occasions I do win I honestly have no idea what I did differently to replicate it.
I don’t know, new features are goid, especially with how repetitive the calendar has gotten. On the other hand, we play this game for war. I still think more blitz would be preferable to another new feature. Just my opinion if course