Why can’t we retreat in onslaught?



In other gamemodes we are able to. Matchmaking for onslaught is awful and nothing is worse than facing a faction who is significantly stronger than your own yet does not finish you off quickly. It would be much nicer to see better matchmaking, but at the very least this could help


Literally only war…


Well… can’t you in faction assault?


But you’re talking about matchmaking against other players right?


So in that case only war/blitz are relevant. Anyways I’m sure minus dissecting that point, the premise that matchmaking is flawed, moreso here than war. It’s partly because in war they end quickly but in onslaught you can be help hostage if the other faction isn’t online in a horrible matchup




Because matches are fixed length, retreat would be counter to the game play design for onslaught.

Score some,check back 45 minutes later maybe score maybe search.

Rinse repeat


Except you aren’t held hostage? If the enemy attacks or doesn’t, onslaught ends after a fixed duration. That is more so war.


War you are able to retreat. In situations one general your team is unable to beat and they are offline. This ends the war in 10 minutes rather than waiting the whole hour. That is the whole point of the option. Onslaught however is even longer stuck in these matchups


Verdi is right. The whole reason for retreat on war doesn’t actually exist in Onslaught, especially as the faction matchups are cross region, so it’s not like the inter-Region rivalries that would spawn the kind of stalling behaviour that lead to retreat being needed.

It’s also too open to exploitation. People wanting to flee difficult match ups to maximise points

Edit: he was right, post now removed


I removed it because Onslaught could end 2 periods early, if the team was eliminated on the first period. (With the first period completely finishing its timer.) However, the coins required to buy enough energy to do a full wipe is easily a turnoff for most factions, so even against a weak faction, Onslaught may not end early simply because players aren’t willing to spend on energy for little rewards.

So at worst, players get held up for 2 more shorter periods, which is still nbd.


Yeah, did think about that. But the difference to war is that the win bonus doesn’t change depending on time left. So it actively hurts a faction to stall (well, guess it hurts during war too because you stall yourself).

And as I said, there is almost certainly not the underlying drama as there was with war so the only reason for retreat is to ■■■■■ out from coming up against a more powerful faction


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