Why Can 6* Heal For 10,000+ Total But DoT Is Only Around 2,500 Total?

If effects like burn and bleeding were balanced, you’d see a lot more DoT defenses. The meta would change for the better.

I assume DoT means “damage over time”. Just don’t let medics pop off their skill, then there will be no problem.

There’s nothing lowering effectiveness for heals(besides heal reduction). Meanwhile you have factors in debuffs like +def, -attack, lead skills buffing defense so lowering damage output, weapons, etc.

Basically hp gain only has hp reduction and maim going against it


Yeah but is it fair that DoT effects aren’t as strong as healing?

Short answer yes.

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How is it fair?

I kill a good amount of people with burn

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It is fair, lacerator makes bleed really powerful, burn could use a buff though.

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“DoT aren’t as strong as healing”

Let me introduce you Camila and yellow Shiva…

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Haaaaaaave you met Scopely?

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And decap kinda

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