Why bugging heal reduction after making money from trader?

So here’s the deal many of us (including me ) go for Trader cause he looks awesome with the combination of 3 heal reduction weapons . Since scopley Fixed the heal reduction to be stacked . But here’s the surprise after finishing the trader promo . scopley decided to make him useless by saying hi it was a mistake heal reduction shouldn’t be cumulative ?
Really scopley ?
And why giving f2p toon that do 50 heal reduction of you can’t up that to 100 ? I’ve been saying since heal reduction introduced first day that heal reduction should be cumulative like heal it self .

Please fix heal reduction mechanism .

I’ve never seen heal reduction stack…

Maybe I never fought anyone with 2 heal reduction weapons.

I’ve never seen heal reduction stack. Can you send video of heal reduction stacking, please? I’ll send it as a bug and make sure it’s properly reported and fixed.


This might be a dumb question with trader but infection is removed even if health is not lost and Pete heals? Is this how it works? I would assume if Pete wasn’t attacked and lost no health how would his heal remove infection? Or it doesn’t matter no health lost?

If there’s no heal reduction, Pete may heal 0 HP if no teammate is damaged, but he is technically healing away that infection %.

Ok thanks that makes absolutely no sense but it is Scopely.

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Infection would be overpowered if that’s the case. It’s already weird enough bonus healing doesn’t cleanse infection, but if no one can heal infection if they’re at full health, all it takes is 1 Mateo active and 1 Trader active to kill everyone, while just not attacking the enemy.

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Really you think it’s a bug ?
It’s not stacking anymore and that’s is the problem .
I pull for Trader cause I thought scopley Fixed that . Now they undo that .
By the way can you please report the game keep crashing and log you out until you redownload it from the store .
It’s been like that for 3 days . Probably I redownload it more than 6 time in that period.

Unless stated to work otherwise like Clementine’s lead, Indomitable, Berserker, or defending a character, buffs/debuffs don’t stack.


Heal reduction did used to stack.

I’ve never seen heal reduction stack since it became a thing. Ever.


Agree with all those stating heal reduction has never stacked


are you thinking of maim op

When did it stack? Because here’s a post from over a year ago complaining that it does not stack.

If heal reduction ever did stack, it was fixed a very long time ago.

It didn’t stack when the new armory update came (weapon + Guo lead) tested that in Beta, was disappoint.

Trader does still however have a bug surrounding his kit, his weapon is a 1 turn infection and not a 2 turns currently, hopefully it gets fixed.


Because this isn’t happening on my own device, it makes more sense for you to report it. This way, the support ticket will automatically include all of your important device information - like what OS you’re running and what game version and other information about your device. They’ll also be able to look at logs associated with your account, which may demonstrate what the problem is. It doesn’t do them any good to look at my logs, when I’m not having the problem.

I do know someone else on Discord was having an issue where they had to redownload the game over and over, and I suggested they check if they have enough free space on their device, and clean up some space if they could. They responded saying that clearing up space fixed their problem. So, it’s a quick thing you can check on your end as well that may help.

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Heal reduction did stack with guo lead, so you could have 175% heal reduction, which is absolutely pointless since you need 100% but was a fun bug

Any status effect with a turn duration will not stack with other status effects, except healing and bonus HP

Ranged Crit - At the start of every turn, apply 35% Heal Reduction to all enemies for 1 turn

Healing reduction is a status effect. It has a turn duration (1 turn). All weapon status effects that have a turn duration do not stack with other status effects that have a turn duration, except healing and bonus HP. Healing reduction is not healing or bonus HP. Therefore, it does not stack.

This announcement has not been edited since being published in November last year. Even if they had modfied healing reduction in game (which people seem to say is not true), they would have only brought it in line with the actual public announement of how it would work.

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I agree hes absolutely useless now. If youd all like to send me your Traders & I’ll make sure to dispose of them in accordance with Health & Safety act of 1981. Honest guv.


Funny actually I have seen it stack but never like 150 only 200%