Why bother playing with trolling cheaters?





They all are pathetic losers. Scopely must take this in action. It’s a open cheating game now, why should I pay a money, if I can just press some buttons.

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Hey, that’s your region right? I took this screen shot in vk group, these guys ruined good company faction right?


The cheating problem is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with. But on that note, I would have been able to see that from the beginning if a region was full of cheaters and I would have moved to one where people didn’t cheat like that. I have came across it a few times in different regions and I have left those regions and didn’t bother progressing. Most of the cheater regions are RU (Russian) and even if you are Russian you could have entered a more cheater free region in EN (English). Maybe you all won’t speak the same language unless you speak more than one language, but at least you know you wouldn’t be dealing with a lot of cheaters. I started accounts in 5 different regions and they are all EN and no factions are cheating in them. I haven’t been back to those regions in 5 months though so I don’t know if anything has changed.


U are goddamn right… But sadly this will be taken down due to terms of …I forgot it


Something about Russians and RTS makes me feel uneasy.

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I don’t think this thread will be taken down unless it gets full of people arguing and getting out of hand. Let’s all just try to keep it civil and see what happens. Just don’t post any screenshots of people personally and attack anyone personally or calling out any individuals. It is obvious cheating though by the looks of the screenshots.


Shane already told that it is against some rules to post ppl who are possibly hacking because of laws of privacy or something.

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Well that is where me and @kalishane disagree because this needs to be dealt with and it is long overdue. I am not experiencing cheating in my region, and I am not dealing with this problem, but for those people that are, something needs to be done about it. I can only share this helpful tip to try to resolve the issue, DO NOT JOIN A [RU] REGION! Turn them into regions like DADE, make them LOW POP! I still wish that you could transfer all your roster and other stuff to a different region at least 1 time and it be a permanent choice, so that people don’t take advantage of it.


I strongly agree that these Persons should be published that everyone can see that he/she cheated.


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

They broke the rules? Now its our time


Yes, it’s my region. It’s a second time when they draw scores on app event. Totally frustrating.
Russian servers are not so cheating as Korea servers… I saw them on the war, sh@@t eaters.
So, what should I do? Scopely send me a formal letter where they described that they hadn’t enough methods to determine who’s cheating. Oooo, yeees, ooof course.

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This has to be #1 issue with the game

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I love the idea of throwing all the cheaters into one closed region together and making them fight it out.

Although they would probably just start new accounts in other regions. :man_shrugging:

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The official rule on cheats in the forum is not to name them as it can lead to defamation of character, so no identifying characteristics eg, jim of walking dead faction , beta region ect. and he cheats by x,y,z but posting proof like that shown above is valid.
Also any post saying x cheat is possible and vk has a video on it is also against terms of service, but for the most part they are simply ignored by the community leaders completely, my post never got a comment despite the proof and groundwork necessary and unfortunately i doubt yours will either, its a common problem and seems to be ignored or you are simply told to email them and never hear back


That’s seriously fucked up.


Now will people believe me well scopely??Do something about this please


Bumpely bump pe doo