Why be evil human beings when people are just looking for help?


It took a solid year of forum policing to clean up the last comic boards I was a part of. I am hoping with the recent suspensions and bans that they are moving in the right direction. A little too much negativity and trolling on these boards.


Not everyone is unhappy with the game but reading this forum would likely give the wrong impression. So much whining by people that obviously could not be made happy. Perhaps they need a little too much from this game. Been there.


People look for any reason to be a jerk. Am I seriously seeing people justifying acting like a douche to a random person because you are mad at Scopely? Just really step back and think about that for a second. What on earth does one have to do with another. That’s like saying if your boss at work does something you don’t like on the way out the door that night you start calling the cleaning lady fat.

It’s the internet, I’m not complaining at all I’ve been online since the internet came out so I know what people say and do when they are anonymous. But please don’t try to justify it by saying it is Scopely fault that’s just asinine.


The scenario you described is exactly what happens… Sadly its more like the wife or husband than the cleaning lady. Am i justifying it NO, am i saying that Scopely plays a large part in how bad their forums have become YES.


Long explanation short: Players are extremely frustrated. (I am not mentioning or making apologies about Trolls. These should be purged.)

And we need the game to be on it’s right way so we can become happy again.

Does this sound simple enough, Scopes?


Darling, it’s human nature to turn on others. There is a basic natural aggression that doesn’t leave us. Often our frustrations are taken up upon the wrong people. The ability to be anonymous here on the forums and within the game gives people the wrong idea.


In forums, as in real life, there are people who are nice and people who are dicks. The difference is the dicks are braver hidden behind their keyboards and most of them are sweaty, over weight losers living with their mom and dreaming about the day their virginity is quickly lost to someone stupid enough to take the rohypnol they slipped into their drink. However behind their keyboard they feel that they are someone. They are feared and they offer their opinions in a manner that they wouldn’t dare in real life in an attempt to make them feel less like the sad, lonely, pathetic losers that they are. It is all about their lack of self esteem and nothing about the person on the other end of their vitriol. As long as you engage trolls knowing that they are the saddest of all people then you’ll find that their attempts to belittle you or anyone else are doomed to failure simply because they are desperate to have the life you have. Let’s not blame Scopely for the fact that they’ll never get laid - even Scopely can’t be blamed for that!


Totally on point and the region gcs are full of them. We actually had a guy tell us it was his right to bully other players because it’s like real life. Seriously?? And he wondered why nobody likes him…smh


this forum really needs a block/ignore option