Why be evil human beings when people are just looking for help?


What’s up with the mean-spirited, awful, spiteful and rude replies that some of y’all give on here to people who are generally just looking for help, support, or answers. I truly do not understand why people are trolling and being bitter or mean and sarcastic to a poster who has done nothing to anyone. Is this not a community?


Honestly, as a player that has been playing for two years, I understand the behaviour. Looks like we are all worked up because of Scopely’s ignorance and ridiculous “Player First” focus that we need someone to rant it all to.

Some end up shoving it down someone else’s throat and it gets where it gets, as you’ve seen. It’s not their fault, however. And I don’t have to say whose it is.


The unfortunate part of it is Scopely. This type of atmosphere would not be here if scopely did not go out of their way to pit us against each other… Wendy, victor YGL the weapons glitches … All of these have happened and many feel that others have received a benefit that others have not. Scopely has told us that have missed out on these glitches to GO POUND SAND and that it cant do anything about it. So many people are just salty and cant look past it and it bleeds into how we talk with or at each other. I am sure there would still be some of this but much less if these types of things had been fixed properly.

Seems my post echoes exactly what Lucas’ post says…


Thats still not an argument for harassing new Players or generally anyone.


I don’t know if you are implying I did or telling me it wasn’t a good enough reason.

What I tried to say was that these people don’t care. They are either trolls wanting to see the circus catch on fire or people who just can’t take anymore of Scopely’s bullscat.


I understand you guys’ points. I totally understand people being frustrated and fed up but our anger and frustration should be directed at scopely, not at each other. I don’t think that everyone will always agree either, but it’s not unreasonable to engage in discussion without being a complete A*hole to someone else.


There isn’t a reason to insult other ppl.

Also too if they dislike Scopelys Actions.


But that is what I mean!

Regardless if they have a reason or not, people are still going to be hostile towards others if they get mad at something, it’s inevitable.


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Are you talking about me? If so, please go back and look at the name on that thread. Two different people.


My bad Queen Shiva


No it says queenelisiabeth. I play in Bulloch. Please get your facts straight.


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Nature of the internet. Everyone is a tough guy and everyone knows everything. Just the way it is unfortunately @Queen.shiva


Thank you :slight_smile:


I see that. It sucks.


Unhappy game = unhappy people… Things will get worse towards the end


I mean half of the purpose of a forum is for the communinal benefits so I’d expect a “help me” thread to pop up fairly often. I’ve always been a strong disbeliever of “There’s no such thing as dumb questions.” but when it comes to this game the amount of lacking information onhand in the game itself for some aspects warrants a pretty reasonable response to ask things here. I can get “annoyed” for lack of a better word, if someone asks something that seems like something you should be able to figure out yourself pretty easily if you’d apply yourself just a little bit but I don’t see reasons to make fusses over those questions either.


This is low key, check out Coosa’s GC, toxic asf lol