Why are you guys kill Raid/SR for Horde?

Literally, Infinite level tourneys but why are you guys kill Raid / SR tourney for Hordes? I just don’t get it. idk if scopely will change hoarde rewards, but i still think we can have those raid / sr tourneys while Horde is alive…

cuz I think Raid tourney is even more fun than Horde. better reward than horde. and Even SR is more fun than Horde…

almost 6 days od hordes? this is April fool’s day joke, right?

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Horde/Raid/SR are tourneys dependent on energy. Level up you move at your own pace. It makes sense they pair Lvl up with the others and not the others with the others.

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(not offense) yeah we can think like that. but do we need to feel fair about it? I don’t think so… Almost 6 dayz of Horde event after crw. i think it’s generous sign from scopely about having a week off from game, cuz we had crw weekend

I don’t think they should put two in one week, but they did the same with onslaught while they tested out different formats. If the improvements have been made, it could be an entirely different experience

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hmm yeah. you might right. last Horde event was the first release and sco might need more time to test it, fix it. let’s hope they changed some rewards or fixed some bugs

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Well now going take fair bit longer for last 8 levels now…

They’re all dependent on separate types of energy with different timers too. Barely anyone suggested Horde should run concurrently, so I’d like them to do it as often as LUs.

Mickey implied it by asking why they killed Raid/SR when there’s infinite level ups. It’s something I’ve seen fleeting around too. I remember when they put onslaught and SR together and it was annoying as hell. Just as a finished SR I got a batch of onslaught energy. Just as I finished onslaught I had SR energy, cycle repeat. There’s enough tourneys to go around now but not if you start piling them one on the other

I still don’t understand the hate for onslaught. It’s a free way to get league points and save on resources. The last time was much better. Only needed 9 to use their energy to finish round 1.


Most of the hate I think is the lack of milestones and the mediocre rewards at the end, sure mod boxes can drop but is complete RNG so different experience for each player in that department.

it is all playing the game for fun I do not see the problem i did try to see what you say but it is all for fun so no problem to me

Horde is also a free way to get league points and save on resources :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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If you can win 6 fights sure :tipping_hand_woman::tipping_hand_woman::tipping_hand_woman::tipping_hand_woman::tipping_hand_woman:

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win is easy to get

Maybe in gold and under… let us know how it goes once your in diamond 5

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It’s pretty easy if you take the time to figure out strategies. I didn’t buy any packs, and I figured out a decent strategy that won all but a few matches(those ended up being partial defeats) after seeing what went wrong in my defeats. These wins were against a majority revive/tank teams, which many seem to have trouble defeating.

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not even close man… free energy over the weekend in hordes netted about 18 attacks a day? Maybe? You get 9 hits in one onslaught round in 15 minute so if you kill in the first 15 minutes.

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A little more than 18, if you factor in the energy that will build up when you’re sleeping and used when awake. Horde gives more free energy successful attacks and a huge chunk if you’re high in placements. I think I got like 30k league points from placing #12, so the amount of effort is definitely much less compared to Onslaughts where I’d have to keep attacking over the entire event for multiple Onslaughts whereas I just need to use 6 energy every 6 hours for Horde.

But I digress, I didn’t say which would be better, but that they’re both free league trophies. They should run Horde concurrently with every single event so everyone gets more free trophies.

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Well yea. You get more because it’s a solo event. Let’s see how the rewards are as a faction event.

Oh yea I wasn’t specifically talking about faction horde, just solo horde since that’s the only one we’ve had. I’m personally not excited for faction horde mainly because I don’t like to rely on others, but who knows, rewards may be improved.