Why are we releasing thing on one platform


Uh know this makes us angry, you drop something on one platform and not on both. This is some dipshit aspect that needs to be addressed .


HOW CAN U talk of equilibrium when u can’t release on both platforms at the same time. HOW IS THIS EQUAL! This is some bullshit ! The fact is nothing should be given until everyone gets it


The early release is bullshit, no one medium should get things prior. Releasing one before another is advantage


Has nothing to do with Scopely or IUGO, its Apple that does it. Sooooo


Shame on you game! Why would give a whole system a new update with not the other! EVERYONE SHOULD BE GIVEN THE INFO AT THE SAME TIME!


Don’t do that again


The next time u release something make sure u do it both platforms. That was some bullshit


nothing to do with them ios needs check it before pushing it. unlike android why u see lot of crap on app store.


Jesus Christ I’m aware u there limitations. Don’t make excuses they should drop a release before it’s available to all there player base


I have played the game since day one . Why would u release half a code ? U wouldn’t this is irresponsible if it’s not complete DONT DO IT ! the fact is is is a douchebag thing on the coders part oh I have half of it . Bullshit don’t drop it until everyone has it now u have half the people with tickets , and you have started a WHOLE NEW CONTROVERSY? How hard is it to make it equal and start everyone at the same time? Smh thanks for creating a whole new level of issues as opposed to being level smh


Just an fyi https://www.quora.com/Scalability-Why-does-it-take-hours-for-new-app-releases-to-propagate-through-both-the-iOS-and-Android-app-stores


iOS update is out


Oh and for how long ? It wasn’t at the same time Jesus Christ… HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE DROPS AT THE SAME TIME. If you guys can’t make two platforms be equal hold all the platforms.For proper sake if you don’t want people to talk of inequality .drop updates at the same TIME! Is this rocket science ? You guys get paid thousands of dollars ,basic stuff and equalibriurm . All updates at the same time . If u need to hold an update until iOS PLEASE do , don’t drop an unfair advantage with multiple tickets because some can’t get the timing down.


Have you finished now?


want a :pancakes:


Please are you guys for real? There should never be an advantage to a platform. I know android is more testable but iOS reliable . The fact is there some ticket advantages most don’t know of … that’s an advantage. 12-24 hours of accumulation of in game that one platform had before another. I’m saying this is unfair . iOS should be compensated for the lack of time or advantage. Most don’t even know they have been slighted. Fair compensation is the correct course until we get to the point that multiple platforms drop at the same time.


theres no fucking advantage how thick are u?


wow, this is a pretty impressive rant. Just to give you some info on Android, it didn’t auto download, so a lot of people wont have even got the update on Android yet, I know I have only just found out about it and downloaded it after burning through all of my world energy, SR energy, and raid energy without earning any tickets. so there is no advantage to anybody, it isn’t Scopely’s fault that Apple take their sweet time releasing things to the store for you. If you want to have a go at anybody, go and have a go at Apple and see how far that gets you.


The only thing you could even hope to get for the first few days is tickets for your faction. They’re not even yours and you can’t do anything with them, so there is, was and wouldn’t possibly be any advantage for the mismatched release.


Wow if ur playing an event and not getting every ticket… since like 5pm who is being cheated?