Why are we fighting to get wood tokens when a legendary gear map was promised?


Maybe I’m the only one upset about this but…a week to maybe get the gear for a 5* upgrade but obviously you have to spend for one piece of a 6*…wtf scopely


Who says I’m going for gear? I’m going for Vincent :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really not head over heels for wood chips either (I’m calling them chips get over it). Would rather 5* tokens because I could use the fodder in prep for some of the upcoming 6s I’d like to get. And because I have no desire to play the odds at a CHANCE to get the 6 gear I actually need.


Oct 13, 2017. 15 ½ weeks ago if I did the meth right.


Lol…meth was probably correct


It would appear promising if we could get gear on these maps that we could spend 12 nrg on to disappear and be replaced with legendary gear…elite, ultra, legendary


Wouldn’t even mind if the RNG wasn’t so obviously rigged. Needed canteens… got three gps so far. At 6 gps and 0 canteen. Faction mate is at 8 and 0! I mean how is this even fun. Can’t progress.


Too bad we can’t trade within the fac


I doubt they rig the drops of 2 equivalent items, someone always has more of one than the other and someone else has the opposite.

Crates with items of different value have always been heavily… “weighted”


See sometime between then and now someone at the overlords lair thought up a plan to throttle back gear in hopes i would generate revenue. Not thinking it through they went ahead with this evil plan and didn’t understand how it would effect the economic status of the game. Nor did they understand what the mentality of the players would be once gear was throttled down so much. Now seeing that revenue is still down another hair brained idea was born… lets throttle back food and take away what players have stashed away in the form of gear. Then we can sell food on top of gear… sooner or later they will buy it all or have thier toons stuck at tier 1 and will all quit.

Its as simple as that folks… upset the balance of the game to such an extent that sunsetting becomes to easy.


This is a forbidden topic here at scopely, tier 4 six star gear will never be on a map, not until the introduction of 7 star characters, I hate to joke around about it, but I’ve asked about this before and scopely pulls out a white cane and starts smacking the ground like they don’t see it.


Oh hush…I know it will be deleted Uzbekistan they lied about having a farmable legendary map…until then I have gotten all hunters…I’ll have to farm this bs gear map 4 weeks before I have enough gear to t4 even them, glad I stocked up on gear


I have no idea why Uzbekistan is in there


They lied again? Go figure my main region is dying


“The new gear depot is as close to trading as we could get.” Or something that like I believe was said recently. Don’t ask me what one has to do with the other lol.


We are fighting for wood tokens because they thought it would be funny since wood\materials is the most abundant useless thing available in the game.
Scopely trolling game 100%


I’ve been saying this too! Intra-Faction Trading


Trading won’t ever happen!


You trade gear markers for gear. Best explanation I can think of.


U can sell 4 flak jackets get 1 long coat for it great deal!