Why are there regions(not new ones) not found

I was scrolling through the regions in the game(not the list) and I cannot find Dallas or Boone. I know Dallas has been around for awhile so i dont understand why i cannot find them? @TayTron

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Their both A1 region’s in the list.

No not the list. The game, i cannot make an alt in either of those regions.

I’m in Dallas we had 3 main fac here … good ppl 2

Well my issue is, that I cannot even make an alt to look at your gc etc because when i look at the regions in the game Dallas is not there, its like its hidden.

Yes i have the same problem with other regions too. They are on the list but cant find them in the game

We had to cross Dallas off because of this, it wasnt just on my device either.

Well if you are newish to the game & in a new region, they hide us from you and vice versa. But those factors do not apply to me or Dallas, but it sucks we had to cross a region off because they cant be found.

No i play for over 4 years my region is old too. Not sure of the regions that i dont find in the game. But i dont think they are knew becsuse i cross with them in CRW

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