Why are there no odds?

If you look closely you will see a very large tub of lubricant

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Since I’m retiring I gave the map a couple tries and between 4 runs in 2 regions I’ve gotten 500 coins back all 4 times. Shit’s weird dawg.

Real talk the government of the US should take notes on how to operate from them, but sadly I was just pointing out tagging jb, gr, Jr,bg and however many cm’s they have now is pointless when they work Monday to friday

I ran that map bro couple of times already

Same here lol completed the road map twice to “earn” -600 coins :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, they only needed to display odds for items directly purchased from store so as to comply with Google play store regulations. For items in game, they do not have to. Thus they will never do it.

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