Why are the rewards for faction events not appealing

Recently I have found that the faction events that we have are really not that great in the rewards and very boring I remember when the faction events would have museum collections in it but now it’s just gold mods and five star tokens. It seems like the only faction event which was good was the faction assault which was about a month ago. Of course cross-region war and all that war are different.

now I just get mad at the events that I have to participate in because they don’t really have that much quality in it. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely


They have been trash for a long time and multiple threads have been made about this already.

At the very least we have the michelle collection items in fac events


Don’t get me wrong I like the game it’s just what’s the point on competing with other factions when the rewards are not so appealing.

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The gold mods are nice (even though they were reduced from 6 to 4 - why scopely), and 5* tokens should come in handy when the wheel refreshes. What I really, really can’t get behind are the rewards for SR. A bunch of Ulysses. Really. I don’t have any new toons because the wheel odds are so bad, and even if I did I wouldn’t have the gear to upgrade them. At least put these obsolete trainers in a bag @JB.Scopely so they don’t take up space in people’s rosters.


Because the whale factions always go hard no matter the rewards so scipley has no need to improve them when the whales are content to battle for the turds on offer.


Faction event rewards have always been trash compared to solo. Scopley hates teamwork but let me explain. Most faction events besides war can be won by a faction working together as one to win without spending a dime on raid cans trainers or coining a scavenger mission. Only a solo level up is honestly achievable to someone without spending and that takes a lot or resource management to do so. Even faction level ups are tougher now cause the objectives are so out dated for them especially on Solo’s. The need to drive spending over driving team work is the primary concern now and the rewards structure is a glaring example of that. War you can work as a team and finish ok but it is a spenders paradise to call yourself the best. That however is a given we all have come to except. Even the trash that was being given out as rewards for months proved people will still plunk down their hard earned money to call themselves #1. Still I do enjoy this game and have no hate for how people choose to spend their time or money on it. Im Still clinging to the hopes that one day it will get better and people will stay or come back. Those hopes are not what they were a year ago but for now I’m just trying to Keep Surviving…


Faction rewards suck and that’ll never change

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