Why are the people who run vk not banned


They are obviously cheating and aren’t even hiding it yet scopely does nothing and they win the crw


cool story let them cheat its not like this shit war is worth playing


You can’t ban vk because ppl seem to forget vk is a social media site ppl who buy from vk can be classed as cheaters but ppl run vk fall under a different bracket of ethics etc which leads to complicated shit
The simplist way to reduce ppl using vk for the wrong reasons is scopley to make better offers because put it this way say a promo for Erika is avalible at increased chances it may take you up to £100 more to get Erika because rng
But vk well give you the Erika at a better price point for like £50 yeah if scopley did stuff like this like with the jerimiah offer bur cheaper pppl would use vk less to buy things
You have to also acount that vk provides us event info and toon info early this opens up a whole brackets of ethics that causes problems


No people that offer a way to cheat on the game should be banned period


There are no cheaters in the game, what are you talking about? I’m glad that Scopely(Ave Scopely!!) runs this game perfectly and listens to feedback from the community, which is often unfairly toxic towards generous offers and free stuff in-game. Hope that my post added some value to the forum.
I believe that @kalishane is the best community manager that we ever had


Nah, they use so-called legit ways, at least one of the groups. It’s not lost revenue for scopely and furthermore it motivates others to spend more. Win/win situation as it is.


Cheaters drive scopely revenue so they will never permanently ban them. They ban one or two every now and then to save face, but they are right back the next day.


Thanks for the numerous laughs. I needed that.


@EternalEnemy dude, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages, I thought you quit or something.


I did :slight_smile: Came back just to see how’s it goin’
Hang in there pals !




How would you track “the people that offer a way to cheat” in-game?


Either join them or ignore them cause scopely cant stop vk.


you want to tell me that a company which runs up to 200.000$ a day ist abe to fix some russian kids hacks?


I dont think the VK groups are cheaters. You see on their page all the scopely office event pics and stuff, I think theyre just a different branch of scopely in Russia or something which doesnt have the same laws or regulations that we fall under. I remember seeing some halooween office party pics or something on the same group that offers shit to buy. VK wont be stopped unless scopely stops.

Thats just my opinion tho.


it’s just my point of view but it’s quite likely,
scopely = Vk_Game,Pro,Hack
sell to people who want and can pay the game offers
and Vk pages sells to those who have the thought “why pay so much” or “I am hacker” etc. in this way, he only bans a low amount of those he buys through VK in order to prove that he does but passes to those who are not banned? they continue to buy in Vk for the simple reason that they had “lucky to scam a scopely”

Business are business


If they were banned we would wait endless for previews of new toons, event rewards and starting times. From what I see they are more correct with that than official announcements on this forum.


How hard can it be to catch these people? Toons don’t just magically appear on your roster if you don’t pull… doesn’t scopely have a history of the toons that come in pulls? And if it isn’t classified as “cheating”, we need to know because I would certainly rather pay for a certain toon than pull on these awful wheels. @kalishane


Loving this weekend, various ES and RU factions with every weapon perfectly crafted and endless pots of coins. Just had one faction where both generals coin repaired 14x plus in one battle

All those hacked weapons and coins and still can’t win


Unless scopely is vk… :eyes: