Why are the forums so salty

Give scopely some slack y’all the game has improved for all levels dramatically from where it was and is continually getting better especially with the avenues to get the most powerful toons in the game for free sure it’ll take awhile but anyone active will get them also the last update with the wheels etc made everything so much nicer while I realize there is always room for improvement we must try to stay positive and enjoy the community and the game


We do enjoy community and the game otherwise would would be playing it

Good joke want to tell it again


What slack do they give the players none so no we won’t cut them any


A bold post but as its competition is all the 26th nonsense it’s probably the one that makes the most sense today

The games getting better? Interesting. I can’t recall spenders ever having toons with double and almost triple the base stats of f2p toons.


OP went fishing on the forums today with that troll


To bad 6 star praya can be killed in a single hit .-.

Well your right but we also have f2p ways to get those very characters and since we are able to get them for free I don’t think there is anything wrong toth the spenders getting them quicker

By the time you get them they will be sooo out dated that they will be useless to those who get them.

But they are doing soo good now.



By next week I’ll probably have both SClass Priya and Pete, completely ftp.
Thats not so bad considering its been 3ish months since their release.


The forum is like an open ended review platform and 99.99% of people only write reviews when they are angry… its consistently the same people that populate the threads while thousands upon thousands just keep playing bc really like the game regardless of its highs and lows.

You are in a top faction. Make that at least double or triple for the average f2p. I’m sure you guys had the territories for either cones/keys and then got some nice cakes, with the toons in the museum that f2p don’t have.

And damn, I’m not even half way to either :joy::joy::joy:


It will be over a year before f2p can assemble a team of five S class. Probably longer for them to have a team of five S class that sync together.

So that gap will always be there. When Cristã at t2 behind a mirabelle lead can one shot my Diego turn 1, that’s a problem.


I must of missed those really good changes, S-class, collectibles in terra,s for the top factions, those really amazing event toons, those really amazing Romanov,s etc, but yes you can get 3-4-5* toons now from basic tokens etc for LU fodder sorry👍


If you think the forums are salty please go on 4chan so I can have a laugh

ask the same question to an highly active f2p player in a mid faction, i am pretty sure there response will be different. Aside from top solo event ranks and top elite factions for all regions, Sclass collectibles have not been made widely available. Best would have been to award them in milestones that would have made sure active players got them, as usual Scopely dodged the logic bullet.


Anything really important in the game should be in milestones definitely, then we can’t moan if we haven’t worked hard enough for them👍


Oh for sure. So many ways Scopely could make the collectables more widely available to everyone. But we know they won’t.

We’ve been saying put the good stuff in milestones forever, they just don’t listen because the gap is what ends up hooking players into spending.


highly active f2p player in a mid faction

i would consider me as that and im at rickys point at the moment. at least @snichols isnt using “#pu” hashtags anymore.

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