Why are the AR scavs so long?


So we have ygl takes 12 hours for 100k toon XP. Many other missions take 2 days or less. Why is the 2 missions to get 1 toon 1 AR level a 5 day mission? This takes the toons dedicated to that mission away from defending territories or being used in SR. Just curious. Couldn’t it be cut down to like a 2 day or less missions.


I start mine straight out of war so they are available the next weekend. SR was doable before the 6* era so it should still be doable, at least if you’re talking about a SR tournament.

I think if they shorten it we wouldn’t be pursuing Lilith’s as much


Because like many things it was implemented without much foresight into how quickly it would become outdated and irrelevant.



Because like many things it was implemented and not revised/further developed, that’s the main issue in RTS.


Whilst I fully agree this mission (plus the 7 day non-prestige one which is actually a little quicker if you fill it with the right team set-up) are too long, isn’t it kinda the point that you sacrifice the use of the toons in order to get the prize?

I mean, one would argue that the 5 day duration was ridiculous when AR’s could be obtained from a simple 1 star levelling, but in the era of 6 stars and Lilith/Aden scarcity, that AR up token is very valuable. I’d wager Scopely don’t see any reason to change this, even if it got remotely close to the top of things they need to consider updating.


Yes I agree that is the point of scavs sacrifice the use of toons to get the rewards. I just don’t see why it takes 5 days prestige and just under 5 days non- prestige (if you fill it with the required toons) and you only get one AR for 1 toon. An easy fix would be to either shorten it or give all toons not maxed 1 AR.