Why are so many people being so rude to Kalishane


Show some respect :confused:


Because they think she can solve all our problems


:joy: shouldn’t even have to ask.


They think she is the programmer, developer, designer and producer of the game. Ergo she can fix all.

Also because she is the ‘face’ of the company so many people are annoyed at. Never a fun position to be in, but someone has to do it. And despite all the complaints, I think she is across things pretty well. How well she can make her voice heard to those who can make changes is another thing.


She is working hard since the first day. She responds to private messages and always in a serious way. I’m very happy with her performance, nothing more to say.


Haters gonna hate.


It’s funny everyone blames Shane for their problems when really it’s the people who code/develop anything for this game they should blame. Shane is here to give us answers to our questions, not press buttons and solve the problems. Props to Shane for sticking with your guys complaining


Maybe because she replies to important issues with gifs and snarky comments like shit happens.

Maybe because weve all been thru this same shit with everyone else and were fed the fuck up

Funny thing is tho she probably has been the best forum staff person weve had and i like her just fine but she aint no fucking saint like alot of the thirsty bootlickers here like to act.


Maybe because she knows she is going to be hit with a shitstorm of cry babies so she tries to lighten the mood with gifs.

I bet NONE of you would treat her this way if you spoke to her face to face. You’d all crawl into your little ego inflated shell and be like “that’s cool, no worries”…


Yeah, probably because it’s a forum and there is very little in the way of accountability for the things people say. Yep, that’s depressing. Here’s a picture of a goat.



And there’s a love heart for your goat


She’s the face of scopely we get to communicate with, a customer service rep and liaison, like calling the phone company or the electric and shouting at the rep for a service issue

Is it fair? No, will people still do it? Yep


same goat you shared to a reply to me earlier, just up close. obsession with goats?


Personally I think it’s a joke that people pile on her, she is doing her best with what she has been given.

She walked into a gong show of a forum with a smile and continues to be upbeat, she replies to posts and private messages honestly and does not shy away from criticism.

I cringe every time I read someone directly blame her for something, what is wrong with everyone? We used to beg for Johnny to reply to posts, damn near begged him to reply… Shane jumps in and gets shit done.

Her role is full time community manager, that’s it that’s all and she’s doing a great job in my opinion. The face of Scopely in place for us to direct questions to in a public forum for her to ask Devs and the like and holy smokes… she gets back with answers!

Be mad at Scopely because more often than not the rage is earned, but don’t burn on Shane it’s not what she signed up for.

The last thing we need is for her to have a stress out meltdown and bail on us, who knows who we would get next if anyone.


I agree about her getting blamed for a lot, only thing wrong with your post is that she has said many times this is not her full time job or role, so it’s more of like her side project. As to why we have a new forum and her trying to get moderators.


Ppl should not only think by their own perspective…kalishane sure did her best according to her role. We might be disappointed, angry, enraged to scopely… doesnt mean she has to take all those offending comments. She did nothing wrong, staying positive is one of her role as well. I mean, now that kalishane is the one who’s in charge of replying our complaints, just because she replies more often than other former community managers…doesn’t mean we have right to bully her.

Seems like kalishane should stop replying frequently so yall only can hope for a reply for at least once a month for more disappointing replies :roll_eyes:


A lot of you are saying things I have said before and people wanted to attack me for saying the same exact things you are saying. I am glad if nobody is attacking you guys, but I am glad you see it from my side and the points I have tried to make before and got nothing but heat for it. Thank you all for understanding and I even stood up for johnny foxtrot when people used to treat him like shit. It has nothing to do with kalishane being female, it has everything to do with respect!


On the personal level there is no excuse of being rude or condescending to anybody whatsoever.

There is however a bigger picture here. As a community manager she was hired to explain allthe screw ups of Scopely. A job all these mid level managers do not want to do.

There is a tremendous outrage about all the half truths, the ambivalent communication and just the mere f#ck ups within the game. Scopely did not decide the apologize by compensating players, they decided to hire somebody to explain them away. That is the sh#t storm hitting Kalishane unfortunately.

That is not saying she knew what she was getting into but she is representing all these „players first“ decisions of Scopely and that’s a fact.


I think maybe you went about things the wrong way dude. Just like I have previously. But people are getting their balls back now that a lot more are fed up with the negativity and voicing it.


Hahahahahahaha trust me id say alot worse in person than i do here.