Why are s class dropping so fast

Why are s class dropping like flies. When it takes scopely 2 months to release legacy toons.


what money are they getting for legacy cards


True, but it’s forcing more and more people out. Surely it makes sense to have many players spending a little rather than a few dozen whales spending a lot.


better to burn out than fade away

Nope. Better to have spenders dropping $1,000’s a week.

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5 released now, get ready for full s class teams in war

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In every other business, this is true. Scopely has their own little world tho

Guess they figure the spenders will spend as much as they can before the game just dies entirely

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And i cant wait to watch those spenders have a melt down cause they need to find another thing to give them their gambling fix


Every 2 week

Because they are the official 7* toons :smiley:

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lol. I think it’s clear Scopely would like to stop this game but we players, no matter how badly they treat us, stay here. That being the case, they’ll take our money as long as we want to fork it over.

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seems like it somewhat, they’ll happily pull the plug if mega whales were not still pouring in the cash, at this rate i just hope they give a Vk a look :money_mouth_face:. Right now scopely is able to gain max profits at minimum effort so why would they bother with a change.


If they made the legacy toons relevant to the current toons we have, I’m sure they’d make a lot of money. But they don’t, so they wont

They confirmed today that they are releasing one every two weeks after the timers run out. So get used to it.

and just every one knows they will never do this thing so thank you for this nothing comment :slightly_smiling_face:

You asked what money they would make, I said they could make money if they tried. You’re welcome for this helpful and relevant comment.

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i did not ask what they would make i was just asking what money they are getting from legacy cards please read before doing the typical reaponse you do so you can be in a argument and have entertainment for your self for the night :slightly_smiling_face:

Or maybe read what I said that was completely related towards your comment. I didn’t say how much they would make, I said they would make money if they made the legacy toons relevant. You asked what money they would get from legacy toons, I told you how they could make money. Next time at least try to make a decent argument. Btw I wasn’t trying to argue at first, I just wanted to explain it, but you started the argument, so here we are.

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no i did not please read again

are and would have very different meaning where i am from and you started a argument and failed so here just we are