Why are folks failing to take towers on purpose?

What is the advantage and how does it work

They found a glitch in new update that gives them free extra energy

Cost 0 energy.

When timer hits 0 can retake.

Right now seems to give +1 energy.

Each tower attack gives chance at a can

Ensures your opponent can’t retake if your faster.


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Well it seems to be working well for them even though the last thing they need is another advantage lol

Sad that they can’t code their game right.


Just when we get something free, people post here to have it taken away…


android users did have 30 sec “headstart” on taking towers…maybe they jacked with the code too much while fixing that bug

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Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s good

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You can do it also. Jesus


It is different.

Try fleeing over and over…

Make sure to screenshot the war logs and report the ones doing it :slight_smile:

I assumed this was the enhancement combat man mentioned - you’d be mad to ghost all three towers now! Kudos for thinking outside the box

you just answered your own question :joy::joy::joy:

I think this is what you talking about


Why should people get reported for that? Not their fault that they can do that.


I think he meant that person oh that person over there oh that one and that one ya that one yup that one oh yea that one behind that one and dont forget about that other one…and dont firget ta repeat. ;p

That would be hilarious if the guilotine came out for this

I dont think they can dropp the guillotine over this. It is their mistake and it is the first war that this has happened. I can see a warning and a patch for it though. I mean i have been behind a couple times in getting a tower and i got the extra energy. That would mean i would get the same treatment as well? No I did not fail multiple times in 1 battle like i see in the screenshot above.

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So once again someone speaks up and helps Scopely take away a glitch that would help everybody. I guess you wanted to make sure that players didn’t miss out on the joys of paying for tanks and having horrible drop rates in wars. Also, bring it up so they remove it before the CRW - bang up job man.