Why are Event Prizes getting worse!?


Feedback- It’s been months of absolute crap tournaments and even more crap prizes.
Forums have almost constantly been spammed with complaints about crap prizes.
The inconsistency of tournaments is also frustrating. Why the hell does the event calendar say it will be a faction level up and then some smarty pants at scopley decides to make it a solo level up… why? Just to annoy everyone? What possibly would give you that idea? And to top it off the solo level up has absolutely trash prize, no excuse just trash.

Suggestion- get the team who decides on tournaments to just take 30 minutes of their day to have a read of all the forum post absolutely hating all the tournaments and prizes you make. Maybe you’ll get an idea of how to do your job.

After a good while of complaints to our new community manager and her say she is talking to the team about it one of two things must be happening:
1 the community manager just doesnt understand what the players want and is not effectively conveying this to the team or is not being forceful enough to get the point across that the current situation IS NOT OKAY!
2 the “team” is straight up disregarding what the feedback in forum has conveyed and just ignoring what the community manager has brought to their attention.

I’d suggest the person who is deciding these prizes to be removed as they are clearly taking the P wiz out of us now.



seriously… it’s really annoying as a player… you load up BM. you load up YGL. all 6* toons for your faction Level. then boom… here’s a dogshit solo level for dogshit prizes. next time, just update the event calendar, and be truthful. just say “shit solo level for shit prizes/ milestones” - that would be giving the player base an appropriate heads up.

i can appreciate the efforts of kalishane. but at this point it’s just lipstick on a pig. scopely’s fuckery will continue indefinitely