Why answering 1000000+ PMs about one issue would be annoying?


When you could simply post them here to why Scopely doesnt listen to us?

Sending PMs would be awful for you @kalishane right?

If you dont care the community would like to know why you want PMs so badly?

unless youre not real and like the customer service robots?

All jokes aside we post on here for the rest of the unhappy community to also pitch in so when this post gets 40 likes you might read it vs a pm an employee may throw away.

Thanks have a nice day :blush:


Good point, why the need for PM’s? Isn’t the forum for addressing game related issues? Wouldn’t it make more sense to address in a thread instead of trying to respond with non answers to 1000 private messages?


Maybe also disable the flagging system. Since it seems to be misused.