Why another solo level up?


Sigh. Why was the faction level up after war changed to another solo level up? The players in the forums have emphatically asked for a faction level up, not another solo.


I sadly don´t get it too. And im sure that we wont get an answer again… @kalishane


Most likely it’s because as long as Scopely can continue to bilk even a small number of cretinous players [who, for some reason, find it inconceivable to not hit the top milestone in any given event] into repeatedly coining YGL and buying shit-tonnes of trainers, and get away with giving them shit prizes in return, they’ll do it. You generally need to spend to place well in a solo; not so much in a fac.

That said, I sincerely hope that what’s currently on the calendar is either a joke or a typo - if not, this will be the 6th solo in a row and over a month since the last faction one. I’ve had a 6* miss 3 consecutive wars due to languishing in an uncollected YGL for weeks now. And despite the amount of renown I’ll get from it being pretty nominal, I flat out refuse to participate in the race to the bottom that this series of solos has become.


Except there’s very high milestones for faction tournaments too, so it isn’t like people won’t go hard for faction milestones.