Why always mixed messages in the few communications we get

All play with same rule until next transfer window
-No no we change rules so 1a get winbonus that rest dont get
-No no we introduce 8v8 in 1a before we said becouse we like to

Hi this is the rules of the match
-No we introduce a losersbracket
-OOOPS big regions loose in TOC, change then, we that read the rules and adapt to that get kicked in the ass

Stick with the rules.
I understand that cheaters cheat becouse you do to


We all know the truth now tho, that a few are pampered and we all know what we have to do if we want change.

Yes we need to join those factions

No thanks, my money isnt spent on this game lol i would never want to spend money on a gambling app for pixels to β€œwin” in something that doesnt require skill

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