Why all the road maps on Thursday


We get all these roadmaps all on one day and most of them are only for 24hrs so that forces us to do them all at one time why not spread them out through out the week like it used to be not everything on the same day scopley quit trying to bleed the players you have left for refills it’s not cool and is seriously getting old as nightmare mode is stupid specially when it says where it’s suppost to drop better items I got shirt gloves one star weapon and a one star toon really seriously it’s a waste of time if it actually dropped something worth while it maybe fun but for that crap no @kalishane


There is a thread about this every Thursday. THEY DON’T CARE!!
You want them tapes and kits???
Burn your refills buddy :joy::joy::joy:


137 cans. Used one so far. Will see what I can finish with natural energy into tomorrow.


Welcome to Can Thursdays! Everything you need to do all rolled into one super 24 hour period. Hope you brought your cans but don’t fear if you didn’t boy do we have a sweet deal for you!


Is anyone really that low on cans that you’re bitching about burning a couple on one day?


Not the point, never will be the point. Tired of explaining it so figure it out. It’s not rocket science.


I don’t have the ascendance map. Is that an old screenshot?


Yeah, it’s from a few weeks ago. Not updating it every time just to crack a joke. :grin:

So you’re not missing anything. My biggest gripe is that they put the two most expensive and necessary maps alongside shirts and gloves and we all know its on purpose. Then the next 3 days we will have absolutely nothing to do other than the character map. It’s a constant kick in the nuts.

edit - I put a date on the pic because you made a good point and this way it wont confuse anyone. Thanks.


I agree that’s the kicker - it’s shirt and glove day.

Annoying on any other day, just plain mean on Thursday


It is not just Cans its time… There is not enough time to finish these and farm them… I bet they make a killing on those glove sales now.

You need to run that glove map a minimum of 100 times. Cans are not an issue with that but there really is not enough time if you work.


So true. Even if they just moved 4-star parts to Fri that would be meeting us halfway at least.

We went from a map that appeared at random but let us farm exactly what we needed to one that gave us 4 of each item guaranteed a week with a terrible chance at a few random extras to the situation we have now where we get 3 a week and the rng box of doom. Maybe you get the 4 extra night vision goggles you need maybe you don’t.

Either way welcome to Can Thursday…muhuhuhuhuha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At one point i had over 150 cans but then remember when they shut down war for a couple months. As time ticked by and we did level after level up my cans ticked away. Then war returned and for some reason i was no longer getting world cans. Finish 1st war fills 2nd and 3rd raid fills. My depot only drops cans once every couple months. That is no source to replenish for all these big energy road maps they have now. Im down to 28 cans and will burn those up before i quit. Im leaving nothing behind to tempt me back into the money pit that is The Walking Dead Road To No Survival


All these roadmaps on thursdays and now a sr tournament running concurrently just about every thursday! Short of taking the day off of work, I don’t even have time to burn the cans i want to because of this ridiculousness, scopely is so backwards.

i didn’t even think it was possible for them to make thursdays any more awful but then they changed the start time for the shirts and gloves gear map to overlap with the speciality maps, before you could at least burn some cans on the gear map in the morning or the night before (depending where you are).


Its to make us purchase cans.


I just want more survivors from roadmaps.


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