Why 49 hats? 15 characters

Why are we earning the last 7 hats? We can’t do anything with the last 9! It’s not like you’re even selling 11 or 21 hats. Is any thought being put into this


Thought the same lol. Then I remembered thinking is not Scopely strong suit.



500 gold bag for this hat in shop

Yep scopes think there being clever, oh there goes another 100 people leaving the game cuz it pissed em off :man_shrugging:t3:


We know scopely only thinks about money. But this is plain ###

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scopely just wants money, i hate them

Yet you play their game, @Sasnoaka right? :joy:

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yes KKKKKKKKKK but I they won’t have my money

It was perfectly well thought out. They knew it would annoy us being only one hat short of a pull and so they think they can play on our frustration to manipulate us into spending to get the last one.


Pull? What wheel?

I’m pretty sure most people would understand what I meant. Pull/claim/collection/whatever you feel like calling it 🤷.


What can you do with hats? Get kings or something? :man_shrugging:t5:

Trade them in the black market section of the depot. but everything is in multiples of 10 and the missions only give you 49. Scopely math.

As mentioned above - even the ‘deals’ are in multiples of 10… So the last 7 hats gained from missions will always be worthless.

Pull is on a wheel imo. Claim is anywhere else. I honestly was confused because I thought there was a wheel I wasn’t seeing.

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Just hold on to the 9. Scopely will forget about it and eventually recycle those hats, and you’ll get a leg up in an event in like two months when all the toons whose cards you can pick up now are obsolete. :slight_smile:


Can’t even buy 11 lmao

these people have no shame

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Common guys don’t treat the Special kids bad just cause they can’t do math.