Why 120 tokens for a winter pull?

Why do 120 @JB.Scopely? I almost bought 2 of this offer earlier for a pull but now nah at least make it 60 tokens and not 50 ffs


Its the season of giving, which means you better give scopely more money if you want to pull.


Tokens in museum and 3 characters 4 ,free,…

Because we are talking about scopely here Bro :joy::joy::joy::joy: greed has consumed them

Also tbh the wheel is pretty trash the only thing is worth trying for is michone

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Already have Michonne only want alpha she has evaded me for the longest

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Not spending a dime on this Xmas event smh look at the wheel. It’s worthless

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Greed at its finest lol… It’s a closing store sale after the holidays :laughing:

Closing store sale would be Jesus shield for $9.99

more tokens needed to pull a dupe toon is certain

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Jesus for 10 bucks! That’s a markdown price, ya pushing it mate :grin::call_me_hand:

He said games ending sale so if the game was ending tomorrow wouldn’t there be sales for $10 Jesus to just squeeze any last pennies outta ya

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But youre f2p


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Same here buddy

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