Whose ascending next?

Okay, so my main team atm is Charlie 6*,Negan (kirkman) 6*, Yumiko (confuse) 6*, Beta,(strong) 6*, and Gaurdian Rick 6*. Im making another 6* team that will have Tobin, mike, Andrea, joshua ,ECT. . I just bought the white shiva from league. I have michonne winter edition. Whose better out of those 2? I’m leaning toward Michonne winter edition just bc she has leader skill and gives a huge bonus to ap. But she also is confuse. Yumiko does that already but has no leader skill. And I’ve noticed in raids those tigers are very tough. So Michonne? Or Shiva? Whose first?

I’d say Michonne so you have a lead skill to build out from. Teams without lead skills are going to fall flat, especially against mid to top play


Thanks. That’s my problem I think with my team now. If I do use her shell be in my main team and ill boot beta. I really like shiva and she’s fun to play. But I say michonne is the safer bet. Thanks! I just needed to hear what I kinda knew already! Lol. Plus I like hearing others opinions on my choices. Helps me to sort it out.

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I like a tanky shiva with regina decap combo, the bleed is great for dropping people below 1600hp for that easy decap, all while letting it 3x auto

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She’s so fun to play! I never thought abt teaming her with a decap though! Great idea! Thanks! I bet it would be a destructive team up!

This is what I’m planning to use soon! I may swap rick for a focus giver but I’m a big fan of just having a tanky attack team that can quickly chip through enemy health because of maim and bleed mechanics.

I’m less strategy more brute force, and my similar setups with regina usually land me MVP in wars. Good luck to ya :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ill give it a shot! I like the way you think. I got Regina when she was in league, just haven’t done anything with her. I have the kirkman negan whose a monster tank, that G. Rick, and I could tank up shiva and Regina too. That’s a start on a brutal team , right now I’m game for new ideas. The game doesn’t exactly stimulate one’s mind. Lol. But you have given me something to think on!

Regina wont get a lead bonus from michonne tho and her maim is flat damage so its always 1600 no matter what. Shiva is a beast, get her a really good gold bleed mod and bleed teams out. What andrea are you talking about? Shield, range/blue lead or red andrea?

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Survivors club Andrea.

And thanks didn’t know that. But she won’t be on michonnes team bc that’s my main. I’m building a couple actually.

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