Who's your favorite TWD:RTS toons and why?


This topic seems original and nobody started it yet, so who is your favorite toons in this game? :slight_smile:


Gator… Cuz HEs God I’m pretty sure gators everyones favourite toon :slight_smile:


Lol. I won’t be surprised if his 6* is Op


Lol, I know what ya mean. They’re a pain in the butt.


Mirabelle - Up until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t had her. I now have 3. She quickly moved up the ranks and as an ascended character, she became OP as a leader. I had moved from a rainbow team towards a ranged team over time and she solidified this…before her, there was…

Carl - Having his neutralize benefited me for close to a year. He, alongside my Turkey Hershel, Tripp (leader), Jesus, and Alert Duane made my team a fun one to raid with and war with. I ascended Carl, but without SR Zeke and Shiva, he currently lies on the back-burner for now.